Things To Do In Bali For Honeymooners

High Tea at Le Jardins, Metis Bali

Things To Do In Bali For Honeymooners

You will totally agree with me on this one: Traveling and seeing the world is stunning! And when you do it with peoples you adore and care about, it’s much more wonderful.

Obviously, you want to make your next adventure as memorable as you possibly can. I get it, you need to discover a place that isn’t simply picturesque but also has some cool and rare activities, which is more of a romantic escape.

Look no further however just pick a standout amongst the most opted for island goal in Indonesia, the beautiful island of Bali.

We are listing down all the romantic activities that honeymooners can do in Bali. Your romantic Bali escape will take you meandering through the lavish rice fields, cuddling up at the beach at the time of dusk, and even over the mists on a helicopter ride. On the off chance that you and your other half like heights that is.

Bali is genuinely a living postcard goal offering beautiful restaurants you can dine at and a lot of romantic activities. Regardless of whether you are inclined towards spending your romantic escape in the solace of a delightful villa for instance, at that point, I guarantee you, you will love the Bali romantic inns toward the finish of this article.

  • Jimbaran Sunset Dinner

After you have a strolled around the dazzling cliffs of Uluwatu with its most notable temple in Bali, go for a walk along Jimbaran Beach where a fresh seafood dinner is sitting already for you toward the end. You will be sitting on the beach with your table and seat, toes in the sand.

Be in wonders of the variety of seafood cooked to flawlessness for your dinner. It is a lot as well as straight from the day’s catch gotten by local fishermen.

The freshly cooked dinner, the fine sand between your toes, that is not by any means the best part. Jimbaran is well known for its staggering sunsets, the ideal background for your romantic supper at the beach.

Jimbaran Sunset Dinner
Jimbaran Sunset Dinner
  • Dinner Lit By 100 Candles at Swept Away Restaurant

On the off chance that you think a sunset dinner is too mainstream, then why not give a candlelight dinner a try? Or would it be advisable for me to state 100-candlelit supper?

This magical dinner night at Swept Away Restaurant at The Samaya Ubud is unquestionably exceptional as the setting just offers one table for each night for this heavenly dinner background.

Set by the flowing river, you can appreciate an elegant 6-course feasting menu with your choice of wine. Escape with your significant other in this fairytale set up and wouldn’t it be more amazing if you keep it a surprise.

Swept Away Restaurant
Swept Away Restaurant
  • Dinner in A Cave at Samabe Resort

Just in case that you have a desire to experience probably the most astounding things, at that point don’t miss out this uber romantic dinner at a private beach situated at Samabe Resort. What makes this feasting to encounter extremely exceptional is that your dinner will be served in a cave.

Make the most of your 5-course menu to the sound of the waves secretly concealed and just right on the shoreline with your feet touching the sand. Decorated with candles to set the vibe, this beachfront cave feasting is a dinner you unquestionably won’t overlook.

Samabe Resort
Samabe Resort
  • Go Sunset Dining on A Cruise

Another extravagance Bali romantic dining you ought to genuinely consider is a voyage on a luxury catamaran from Benoa.

There will be a Batako band that will give your sweet serenades and they even play songs on request so you can tune in to your favorite romantic song on this journey. Dinner is likewise served on board as the sun sets behind you.

luxury catamaran from Benoa.
luxury catamaran from Benoa.
  • Have Afternoon High Tea at Le Jardins, Metis Bali

A laid-back outing spends your evening date at Le Jardins at the Metis Bali. This calm yet extremely grand tea date is ideal for couples who just want to take a load off a bit.

An all-encompassing perspective, dainty baked goods, unwinding climate, this hi-tea has got everything. They offer ‘The Melati’ package ideal for exquisite cherishing couples or you can arrange ‘The Alamanda’, a dessert inspired package.

This extravagant high tea experience will make you feel like a king sitting across his queen. Costs for two individuals beginning at IDR 210,000. Available on daily basis from around 4 and 7 pm.

High Tea at Le Jardins, Metis Bali
Tea at High at Le Jardins, Metis Bali
  • Feed Your Sweet Tooth at Angelita Tea Salon and Patisserie

On the off chance that you and your adored one have an enjoying for everything without exception sweet, at that point you will love this sentimental activity in Bali. Travel to the Kerobokan territory and make an appearance at Angelita Tea Salon and Patisserie.

This pastel heaven is extraordinary for tasting on a delightful tea or devour some light bites and top-notch French pastries.

The food here is delightful and each nook and corner of this place is truly picture perfect with its furniture and unblemished tea sets.

  • Have A Hillside Picnic at Bukit Asah Bugbug (Asah Hill)

Picnics are so simple yet when was the last time you really took out time and sat down for one?

Switch up your standard date, kick in some old school and plan out an easy breezy picnic with your dear at this impeccable tour spot at Ash Hill in Karangasem. The inclined slopes truly are a change but an exceptionally lovely one. The layout of a cloth.

Make the most of your picnic food and appreciate the 360-degree perspective of the nightfall over the Indian Ocean and the little islets. And the best part about it is? It’s free!

  • Take A Helicopter Ride Over Bali

Congested driving situations are the most exceedingly terrible. And unfortunately, Bali is remarkably known for them.

So, for what reason not take your touring to an entirely other level and I intend to a level several feet starting from the ground. A picturesque helicopter ride via Air Bali is likely a standout amongst the most romantic activities in Bali.

It’s such a glorious affair to look down and see Bali from a superior view. You and your dearest will be in wonder as you fly over the fantastic coastline, the stream gorges, Mount Batur’s caldera, the pleasant Uluwatu temple, the ranches, and limestone cliffs.

Helicopter Ride Over Bali
Don’t miss it
  • Go for A Golden Stroll Through The Marigold Fields

Have you at any point seen those beautiful photographs of couples making their way through brilliant bloom fields and posing?

What’s more, have you at any point thought of having your own particular photoshoot there as well? All things considered, in Bali is your opportunity.

Take your better half to the marigold fields at Desa Belok situated along the roadside amongst Kintamani and Bedugal. Experience a brilliant walk around the marigolds.

As a matter of fact, the marigold blossom is a huge piece of Balis culture for the relationship with its shading to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the Supreme Balinese God. It’s all free for you so just enjoy and live that moment!

Prepare your camera for you will get a chance to capture a considerable amount of brilliant memories to here!

  • Have Some Beach Time at Gunung Payung

Another very romantic activity in Bali will take you to what the island has been known for a long period of time, its flawless beaches.

For a quixotic beach time together, you need to avoid the crowded ones and look for the beaches that are secluded and peaceful because you want to live this moment rather than getting super annoyed because of surrounding noise.

Gratefully, Bali is home to Gunung Payung, a shrouded beach in Nusa Dua where you can have some peace and calm.

On the off chance that you enjoy diving and tanning time as much as I do, I additionally recommend staying at one of these stunning inns with infinity pools.

  • Watch A Beachside Movie at Karma Beach

Another beach life choice is at Bali’s most selective shoreline club Karma Kandara Resort close to Uluwatu. This shrouded shoreline heaven is determined to the foot of a limestone cliff and is only accessible via a private funicular.

Other than the Aegean sea-inspired furniture and the beachside night walks, what makes Karma Beach an really dreamy spot is their Monday film evenings by the beach under a shade of stars.

Movies start at 6.30 and 8.30 pm. however, there is a price tag to it, however, it’s justified regardless of the 30-minute ride from Jimbaran.

  • Go on A Romantic Horseback Ride

If you’ve at any point tried horseback riding in a padlock and haven’t really enjoyed it because of the lack of freedom, at that point you’ll presumably adore what Bali brings to the table.

The Bali Equestrian Center in Canggu offers 2-hour horseback riding tracks where you can encounter riding along the beach simply like in the movies. How romantic does that sound? You will pass towns and rice fields, crossing rivers and passing temples situated ideal by the beach.

For the individuals who are not quite confident about riding a horse, don’t stress, you can choose to have an experienced guide walking adjacent to you.

  • Customize and Make Your Own Jewelry

Bali is home to numerous master gold-and silversmiths. They pass these aptitudes down their family line and are additionally exceptionally liberal in sharing their silver adornments making skills to explorers.

One of the silver workshops in Bali is Wahana Silver’s art studio in Ubud. Here you can make your own one of a kind design of rings or pieces of jewelry.

Other than silver jewelry designing, WS Art Studio additionally shows Balinese workmanship like batik and customary painting, cover cutting, bamboo weaving, conventional Balinese move, and reading of lontar, the antiquated Balinese manuscript.

  • Wish Upon the Great Banyan Tree

Make a wish for everlasting love at the Giant Banyan Tree in the Gesing Village in the North of Bali. This 700-year old tree has a mind-blowing height of 85-foot.

Local people trust this tree has spirits that inhabit in its branches. They say whatever desire you make at the tree it will work out as expected! It truly doesn’t get any more emotional and romantic in Bali than this you shouldn’t miss.

There are other littler Bayan Trees to be discovered all around Bali, simply ask local people on the off chance that you can’t figure out which ones are they.

  • Stay at Kamuela Villas Seminyak

Make tracks in an opposite direction from everything at the Kamuela Villas, set in popular upmarket Seminyak, North of Kuta.

Here you will appreciate close and elite rich manor living. Every villa has really their own private pool that you can hop into whenever you need. How awesome is that?

Or then again select to appreciate one of the numerous spa treatments in the solace of your own room.

  • Live Your Own Fairytale at Tugu Hotel In Canggu

For a definitive romantic hotel stay experience, register with the extravagant boutique exhibition hall style Tugu Hotel found comfortable beachfront in Canggu.

The historical backdrop of Tugu Hotel is conceivably the most exceptional one you shouldn’t miss to tune in to when checking in and surfing through the amenities of the hotel which all narrate the most romantic tales, folk tales, and legends of Indonesia.

Tugu Hotel is justly the flawless place for couples who like some soft time in Bali. Trust me on this, once you check in here, you just want to stay in one place and move from your expansive room with a private pool to the beach beds and back.

Experience romantic moments with Tugu Hotels several offers explicitly designed for couples.

From the 3-night Honeymoon in Paradise stay in an extravagance suite of your choice to a dreamy candle-lit dinner under the stars to various spa treats inclusive of comforting massages, cleansing scrubs, and flowery therapies. Or go for a culinary class where you get to prepare meals along each other to finally try unique Balinese and Javanese dishes.

The additional icing on the cake when staying at Tugu Hotel was having breakfast in a different spot every morning. You can select to eat by the pool, in the shade of a little wooden hut, on a lake covered in lilies or right by the beach in one of the quixotic beach beds. And the staff is also super welcoming and friendly!


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