10 Things Not To Do In Bali for a Great Trip Experience

ritual ceremonies bali

Bali is one of the most incredible vacation places around the world. We completely cherish it but since there exist some cultural and religious differences amongst Bali and other places, we figured we would think of a few things that you should not do while holidaying in Bali. All guests should observe these on the off chance that they will have a respectful and safe vacation.

Below are the 10 things that you must avoid doing when in Bali:

There are a huge number of taxis everywhere throughout the island, particularly in the tourist regions of Seminyak, Petitenget, Oberoi, Kuta, and Legian. In any case, ensure that you go with a metered taxi. Why? Since a few drivers will attempt to charge you off the meter and you may wind up paying two-fold or even triple the cost. On the off chance that they come up to you and offer you a lift and give you a price, this is a decent sign that they are out to scam you. Go the nearby Bluebird Taxis or Uber and ensure when you get in they turn on the meter.

Getting into a no metered taxi bali
Stay away from a no metered taxi
  • Going unclothed on the beach

This is certainly not a smart thought. Crossing the street for a quick snacks shopping to eat in your swimsuits may be alright in Sydney, London, Barcelona or Las Vegas however in Bali it’s not on. Going topless on a secluded beach is fine however once you leave the beach area to ensure you cover yourself up. Men can wear speedos or boardshorts yet again, once you leave the beach pop those boardies and bikinis best back on.

  • Be careful, ceremonial Hindu offerings are everywhere in Bali

On daily basis, three times the Balinese make contributions to their Gods and these minor square shaped offerings are seen all over the place and I mean all around. There is no scene of avoiding them and whatever you do please abstain from treading on them or riding over them with your bicycle. These are not enriching pieces but rather are a part of their religious day to day ceremonies so please try to remain aware of this. You may like watching them being put on the ground, steps, entryway doors, statues as the entire ceremony is very overwhelming. Be respectful when watching local people put these and make sure that you keep a safe distance. It’s fine to take photographs if you like.

Balinese woman praying hindu
A young Balinese woman to praying in Hindu temple
  • Disturbing the ritual ceremonies performed by locals

I know the ceremonies are quite exciting, dynamic and fascinating to observe yet kindly don’t upset any function while it is in progress. You would surely dislike it happening to you so reciprocate the same toward them. There are religious services constantly and a significant number of these occur in the road or in the neighborhood town Banjar which could possibly be extremely near where you’re staying or eating. You will hear the Gamelan music and see the brilliant dresses all worn by the people. It’s a genuine sight and something you have most likely never observed. So, it’s fine to watch and take photographs, yet don’t interfere with them or try to become a part of it. Additionally, do not enter the sanctuary zone while the service is occurring. It’s their customs, so remain well distant.

ritual ceremonies bali
Ritual ceremonies Bali
  • Don’t get forceful when bargaining

Balinese love to deal yet kindly don’t attempt to drive the cost down too far. If you don’t get the value you needed, acknowledge it and proceed onward. There is no need to be frightful or furious. It is somewhat of a game so treat it like that. Never mishandle or shout at them particularly if it’s an old lady or what the Balinese call Ibu.

  • Travel to Bali without traveling insurance

This is something that nobody ought to ever do, not simply to Bali but rather anyplace globally. On the off chance that you can’t bear the cost of traveling insurance, you can’t take the risk to travel. You never know when those troublesome volcanoes will emit again, and you should be safeguarded before another one happens, or you won’t be secured regardless of whether it’s weeks off. Additionally, in case that you are pregnant make certain to look at what the policy covers.

  • Not carry along a vomit bag in a car

Ok, so we are all very much rehearsed in this issue! I don’t know what it is, possibly the lack of sitting up high in a vehicle, the warmth or goodness knows yet every time, children vomit in the car. It is an uncontrollable phenomenon so why not be prepared to deal with it beforehand?

vomit bag in a car bali
no vomit bag in a car
  • Remain in Seminyak 

Seminyak is cherished for its eateries, espresso, shopping, sunsets, the rundown goes on!! In any case, with young children, it’s not exactly as magnificent. Why, well there’s not as much to do in Seminyak with young children compared to what other places have to offer. The routes are awful with strollers, there’s not a beach way like Sanur or Benoa, there are restricted lodgings with kids’ clubs and fun things like Waterbom or Splash are a decent 1/2-hour drive. Try not to misunderstand me, we have remained in Seminyak before with kids, yet I discovered we were dependable in cabs to get to places as it was so difficult to stroll alongside the children.

  • Avoid Villa If you have kids

There are some phenomenal hotels and villas out there like Bali Pool Fence Hire or Bali Baby Hire that have a strong and secure pool fence at specific villas. A few villas even have lasting pool fences so if you assume that a villa may suit your family doesn’t rule out them. Obviously, nothing beats elderly supervision except for having a pool fence gives you that additional bit of satisfaction. In case you are yet worried there are villas and hotels that have enclosed living spaces and the entryways can be locked to keep little ones from getting away.

  • Stay Away from Drugs

It is unquestionably over the rundown of things not to do. That’s all there is to it, don’t consider it. It’s a genuine wrongdoing and on the off chance that you even remotely feel that you can escape by carrying drugs into the nation and utilizing it, then you are completely mistaken. If you are thinking of purchasing drugs in Bali to party with, again don’t do it as the outcomes are unreasonably serious. The folks offering you the drugs are sometimes working for the police. You can’t really differentiate amongst the actual dealer and the one who is a police officer. Drug taking is Bali is normal and individuals do it as they do at anyplace on the planet, however, Bali as whatever is left of Indonesia has death penalty punishment for smuggling yet alone possessing it so be very cautious. In case somebody offers you drugs anywhere in Bali; let it be on the beach, road, in a club, bar or in a shop simply leave. Such huge numbers of Aussies have been discovered endeavoring to smuggle drugs all through the island and in addition having them. Indeed, even the littlest amount you may have on you, that you may feel is safe, can bring about serious punishments including long-term imprisonment.

Finally, and I need to include this as an additional DON’T do and that is drive badly if you are renting a motorbike in Bali – as should be obvious that streets and traffic conditions are dangerous and mishaps from tourists happen constantly. Be extremely cautious and never at any point speed particularly on important areas like Sunset Road.

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