Best Time To Visit Bali For Honeymoon – Best Months to Visit Bali


Best Time To Visit Bali

Located at eight degrees south of the Equator, Bali appreciates a tropical atmosphere. Even though most parts of Bali are warm yet comfortable all-round the year, it has two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. Typically, the quantity of a number of tourists increments as the days grow brighter and sunnier because of well-known island activities like sunbathing, trekking and motorbiking which can’t be delighted in between the rainstorm. The tropical atmosphere of Bali urges you to have three showers per day when you wander too far from the windy drift, owing to the humidity. The humidity levels reach as high as 85 percent. One exemption to these spurts of humidity is the Kintamani district toward the north of Ubud that is in the interior part of the island. Be that as it may, even the dry season doesn’t promise you sun all the days. When you go out on a bright day, keep yourselves well prepared for a sudden storm any time of the day. That is how Bali is!

The best time to visit Bali is for the most part amid June, July, and August when the climate is taking care of business, and you can explore all the water sports and activities. Be that as it may, one of the huge drawbacks of this season is that it is the most crowded period of the year. Your decision of time to visit Bali relies on your travel goals.

Being a honeymoon couple, what activates you and your spouse enjoy? That will determine clearly that what time of the year you should visit Bali. In this article, we have categorized the activities season which. Go for the one that suits you best.

bali weather when to go

Dry Season

It is the best season to visit Bali. With stunning radiant mornings took after by windy nights, Bali is one dreamlike magnificence amid the dry season. Nonetheless, occupied by a huge crowd of individuals coming over during this period, it is viewed as the most favored time to visit Bali. There will be individuals in each nook and corner of the region making the traffic tight and the beaches more crowded than expected. If you are okay with visiting crowded places, at that point this is the best season for you to visit Bali. On the off chance that you need to risk a couple of showers all over and exchange it for your sunbathing, you should visit Bali somewhere in April, May, and September. There will be radiant days scattered with light showers that will most likely make your experience worth each penny. The beaches look delightful when canopied with cloudy skies. The climate is cooler and breezier in the nighttime.

dry season bali
Dry season Bali

Monsoon Season

The monsoons are not much appreciated the time of the year for honeymooner to go on the off chance that you need to sunbathe or enjoy watersports. November to March are the wettest months of Bali; with December, January and February getting more heavy rains.

bali rainy season
In January and February Bali receive much rain

Rain prompt high humidity levels, making it very difficult for a season. With an extensive stream of waters in rivers and channels, there is more trash and spillover on the shoreline. The mosquitoes grow in such climes making the vacationers immune to fevers, for example, dengue and intestinal sickness. There is low visibility at the dive and snorkel destinations due to sediments being washed off into the ocean, and the unpleasant oceans make your pontoon trips risky. Be that as it may, it is a fantastic time to explore the interior parts of the island, which is loaded with lavish greens. Amid rainstorm, there are lesser vacationers. Well known hotspots like Ubud and Seminyak are lesser thronged so you can visit these attractions peacefully. There will be better arrangements on the lodging housing due to less crowding. You can get costlier rooms at a lower rate because of the offseason. You can appreciate intriguing communications with local people who are generally free amid this period. In any case, there are significantly a larger number of cons than pros, of this season. Thus, it is suggested to avoid a honeymoon trip to Bali amid the rainstorm season. Numerous travelers come here amid the off-season to get a look at the opposite side of this city and enjoy the neighborhood culture and everyday life. Although December has awful climate conditions, travelers tend to come here to observe Christmas and New Year occasions by the ocean.

Monsoon Season bali
Monsoon Season Bali

Best season for Surfing

Surfing makes the heart of Bali. If you are making a beeline for Bali for an awesome surfing background, at that point the dry season is the best for you. Amid the dry season, there are ideal waves on the shoreline, with glimmering daylight, offering you a lifetime experience. From April to October, surfing is taking care of business on the west beaches of the island, and it is extremely busy. There are tourists from everywhere throughout the world, and you won’t have enough space and time to mess around with your surfing board. In any case, from November to March, the east drift offers consummate conditions for surfing. There is likewise less crowd amid this season making it secluded and stunning to visit. Bali’s surfing is incredible consistently, and you require not reconsider before surfing.

Best season for Festivals

The celebrations are outstanding amongst other reasons to visit Bali. There are lively occasions held each year on different events, which are justified regardless of the visit. The celebration led on New Year’s Eve is the greatest one, and if you need to appreciate it at that point, unnecessary to say, December is the ideal time for you to arrive in Bali. There are enormous firecrackers that light up Bali. Moreover, took after by music, move, delightful dishes and warm welcome shared by local people. A standout amongst the most astounding celebrations of Bali is the Negara Bull Race held between July to October when the bulls are flawlessly decorated, and chariots contest with each other in a heated race. So, on the off chance that you need to come over for this celebration, at that point July-October is the best time to arrive in Bali.

Best Season for Spas

On the off chance that you are heading for Bali for this regal treatment, at that point, the wet season is the best. Attributable to the lovely climate with the gentle sprinkle, you can entertain yourself with this ethereal delight. Bali is a center for the best spas on the planet, positioning by just Thailand. You can treat yourself with the customary or the extravagance spas in the territory at extremely reasonable costs. Make the best of these extravagance spas when there, since it calms you like nothing else, at costs which are simple on your pocket. While the Balinese style spas are the most mainstream ones, you can likewise go for Swedish and fish rub. Make the most of your unique time as a couple at the best spas in Bali amid November to March.

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